littledee5 (littledee5) wrote in staff89fllwship,

Possible Fiesta-ness at Mi Casa

So, apparently, I'm growing up. Who knew. Anyway, Mike and I toyed with the idea of heading to Toronto the weekend that I'm due to turn 24 since I had never been there and at this rate, never will get there. Instead, I was thinking of having people over to my new place. We could BBQ, play tennis, or on the playground, or kickball in one of the many fields, or badmitten since I actually own those rackets. the actual info.

I'm guessing May 6th (actual birthday the 4th but will be working and in no mood for quantities of people afterwards)....

anyway, nothing is finalized but if you want in, lemme know :-)

you may now return to your regular scheduled lj time.
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